Heat Source Staging Improves Efficiency Print

Gain system efficiency by selecting multiple heat sources

During much of the heating season, the heating load is small, usually less than 25% of the heating plant capacity. It is only during the coldest days of the year that the full capacity of the heating plant is required. By selecting multiple heat sources over one, a more efficient system can be achieved. The 264e provides staging for up to four heat sources which may include alternative energy sources such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

When alternative energy sources are used, the controller can operate the alternative energy source first, and only operate the fossil fuel heat sources when absolutely required.

How to Get the Most out of Your System?

The key is to ensure that the high-efficiency heat sources are always operated first and only operate the mid-efficiency sources during peak heating loads. Another important consideration is to operate non-condensing boilers above the condensation temperature to prevent damage to the heat exchanger. This is accomplished by requiring the boilers to maintain a minimum boiler target temperature.

The Boiler Control 264e provides many cost saving options to heating designers and installers. The 264e offers weather compensation, domestic hot water operation, heat source equal run time rotation, and the ability to mix-and-match heat sources. Whether you are designing a new heaing plant or retrofitting an old one, kanmor offers you the very best in system flexibility and performance.