Home Automation Integration is Here

kanmor is pleased to announce that tekmarNet® products are now capable of working with home automation systems to offer our customers more convenience in controlling indoor climate.

482 with Home Automation Tablet

At the touch of a button, temperature adjustments to tekmarNet® communicating room controllers can be made using the same interface that controls lighting, security, audio and home theatre. This allows customers to change heating and cooling settings using a keypad, touch screen or mobile software application provided by their home automation system installer.

“Our tN4 Gateway 482e allows tekmarNet® room controllers to integrate perfectly with each home automation platform, enabling kanmor’s products to be controlled by a homeowner as easily as their lighting, entertainment and other systems,” said Greg Leupin, kanmor Sales & Marketing Manager.

The tN4 Gateway 482e provides RS 232 serial communication between tekmarNet® room controllers and home automation systems. The third party automation system is able to monitor and adjust any of the room controllers heating, cooling, and ventilation fan settings.

“kanmor is excited to be working closely with our home automation partners in support of our mutual customers, and we look forward to a long term partnership with them,” Leupin added..


Home automation companies interested in learning more about partnership opportunities can email:
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