Achieve Optimum Performance with System Integration Print

Many heating and cooling systems consist of equipment and controls, which are installed as stand alone pieces only to operate their part of the system. Without integration of this equipment, conflicting operation often occurs, compromising efficiency, comfort, and equipment reliability. Ironically, these are the benefits owners demand the most.

kanmor offers affordable heating & cooling system controls designed specifically to integrate equipment to achieve optimum system performance.

To connect the operation of the equipment within the system, a central control is required to make the smart decisions based on information gathered from all system components. To gather this information, we have developed tekmarNet®, a communication link built directly into our Designer series controls. This link allows thermostats and other controls, located throughout the building, to coordinate their operation and maximise the efficiency of the overall system.

Our tekmarNet® product line offers flexible solutions to improve system operation; below are some examples of how this is achieved.

Weather Compensation with Indoor Temperature Feedback

tekmarNet® provides information from each thermostat to the weather compensating controller. This indoor temperature feedback allows the controller to consider the internal heat gains and losses of each zone to continuously fine-tune the water temperature delivered to the heating system. Occupant comfort is greatly improved by maintaining steady air temperatures in the zones while heating plant efficiency is increased by operating the boiler and mixing systems at their lowest possible temperatures.

Weather compensation with indoor temperature feedback ensures high efficiency boilers operate at the lowest possible temperature for the longest required cycle, thereby providing the conditions that allow condensing boilers to reach peak efficiency.

Zone Synchronisation

tekmarNet® allows the zone on-times of all zones within the building to be shared in order to synchronise and coordinate their operation. This zone synchronisation prevents potential short cycling of the equipment by preventing small load zones from calling for heat independently.

Zone Post Purge

With tekmarNet®, the central control knows when the last zone calling for heat is turning off. Before closing the heating zone valve, the control turns off the boiler, however it maintains the pump running to purge the residual heat within the boiler into the heating zone. Zone post purge increases efficiency by reducing boiler standby losses.

Cooling Groups

tekmarNet® communication allows for the creation of cooling groups. Cooling groups enable multiple heating thermostats to become part of a larger cooling zone controlled by a single cooling thermostat. Energy savings are achieved by preventing inefficient simultaneous heating and cooling operation within the same zone.

Your Customers can Benefit from Additional tekmarNet® Features:

  • Adjust the entire system to switch between occupied, unoccupied, and away temperatures
  • Conveniently link temperature control to an existing home automation system
  • Connect with remote monitoring through a web browser anywhere in the world
  • Save by having one central setback timer between all thermostats to schedule events
  • For added convenience view the outdoor temperature on all thermostat display screens.