Take Full Advantage of tekmarNet® Accessibility Print

The two-way communication included in tekmarNet® systems opens up a world of options for temperature control. Through communication, access to system wide heating and cooling settings can be provided through a web browser, home automation system or wall mounted switch. Your customers can choose from three convenient options:

Web Browser

A Gateway 483e enables web browser access to heating and cooling settings from anywhere in the world. Customers can conveniently set the temperatures back while on vacation and bring their systems out of energy saving mode before arriving back home. Contractors can also take advantage of the ability to view temperature trends and make adjustments remotely. An ‘always on’ internet service is required to access the system through the internet. For customers who want to control the system from their home computer, all that is needed is an internal connection to the Gateway server. For complete details, refer to the Installation Manual D483e.

Home Automation

A Gateway 482e provides access to tekmarNet® room controller settings through a home automation system. Customers can view and adjust room temperature settings with the same remote control, touch screen or software application that controls lighting, entertainment and security settings. Contact your local representative to enquire about home automation brands.

User Switch

tekmarNet® User Switches provide one touch adjustment of the system from a wall mounted location in the home. They are commonly used to provide access to away, occupied and unoccupied temperatures in all connected thermostats and setpoint controls. In systems with a 422e or 423e, the away temperature setting can also suspend domestic hot water generation to save additional energy. The 480 and 481 models offer customisable operation and can enable operation of setpoint devices or custom scenes. The 480 can send a signal to a home automation system while the 481 can respond to a signal from a home automation system or telephone switch.

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